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In order to realize your projects Architecture, from conception to construction, Horizons is partner with INNO agency.
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The Team

HORIZONS was created in 2012 from the meeting of two architects, French and Vietnamese, and their willingness to provide a service of high quality graphic design, specializing in architecture, at very competitive rates.
They are assisted in their work by a team of architects, designers and 3D artists performing their talent for several years now, with partners from all continents.
This team is constantly updated according to the needs of each project to ensure rendering meet the expectations of each client, both technically and graphically.

Guilhem Brun

Guilhem Brun

After graduating school ENSA-Versailles in 2007 specializing in Patrimoine, Guilhem plies his trade as an architect for four years in different agencies of the Paris region. The variety of experience in various fields of architecture, such as design, technical implementation, the exterior and interior design, urban planning, or heritage conservation have allowed him to gain experience and clear vision of the needs of multiple agencies.
In 2011, he went to work in Hanoi as project manager NKB-arch and participated in the founding of Horizons.

ĐàO Tùng Lâm

Đào Tùng Lâm

Lam graduated from the Hanoi University of Architecture in 2008.
After experiences work as an architect designer in the world of Asian, he joined in 2010 NKB-archi, an international Vietnamese agency in which he participated in the development of numerous projects for Vietnam and France.
In 2012, he founded Horizons in collaboration with his colleague.
He went during the year 2013 in Paris in order to form a concrete experience of the operating mode of a foreign agency and thus fully understand the ideas and expectations of its partners.


Tarifs Information and materials to send us to a precise quantification:
  1. The total number of desired images and type for each view
  2. Type, indoors, outdoors, air, exploded, retail development
  3. The purpose of the images; presentation screen print size A4, A3 … A0
  4. The date when you want the images
  5. The format of your project plans. Paper, dwg pdf, …
  6. Your project is already modeled? If so, what software?
  7. Try to send us the following:

  8. Plans, facades, sections to dwg, pdf, jpeg or 3D file
  9. Some photos in environment and if possible an idea of the angles
  10. Images of environment that express the idea you do your project
  11. In addition to the projects interior architecture:

  12. Sketch of decoration and / or board materials
  13. References furniture, fixtures, colors (RAL or other)
  14. For the realization of video:

  15. The desired resolution and file format
  16. The duration of the film


Devis Indicative prices for the year 2013 for all delivered with the operating rights picture.
Every project deserves a quote tailored, contact us …
3d house prospects
Price: from $ 600 HT – Speeds 1/4 days
Interior layout (perspective, cut, top view)
Price: from $ 450 HT – Speeds 2/3 days
Perspective 3d building, architecture landscaped component
Price: from $ 700 HT – Speeds 4/8 days
Perspective planning
Price: starting at $ 900 HT – Speeds 4/8 days
3d animation, virtual tour (not including modeling)
Price: from $ 600 HT by 30 seconds Speeds 4/8 days not 30 seconds
2d graphics and others, please contact us
Gros volumes: possibilities of discounts up to -20%
The 2nd image on the same project is at 40%





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